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Do not show "No items to display" when a PowerApp is loading.

Could you change the wording when apps are loading from "No items to display" to something more accurate such as "Loading".  If the app takes a minute to load it can be confusing to users.  

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Great point. Its a small thing that uncessarily confuses the users.  I have an on-sucess event that takes a bibit of time to subit and reload the form.  In the meantime, the screen shows, "No items to display" which is confusing for the users. I dont think there's work around to get rid of it. 

Power Participant

This is such a small thing but it would be an easy and big win in my opinion.  I've found that the "No items to display" message confuses a lot of people.  I've actually had some clients say they won't use PowerApps until they can change that message because it would cause confusion and perhaps cause the users to abandon the app completely because they think it isn't working

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Would be nice to be able to change the message in certain cases to say, "Add an item to get started"

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I have a form alongside a gallery and it would nice if I could show something like:

"Select a Project to Change Status or Re-Assign:"