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Don't just tell me my flow is out of compliance, please help me find the right environment for it.

Being informed that my flow is out of compliance is helpful, but it is only half the battle. The other half is finding an environment in which my flow can live without being out of compliance (and that I have access to). If such an environment exists, I need your help finding it. Please show me the list of applicable environments and help me understand the differences between them so I can make my choice.


If such an environment doesn't exist, you have effectively shut me down. I need your help to come back online or I'm about to churn out of the platform. Don't assume I know a person who knows a person who can help me out. Guide me to get in touch with the admin and make a request. I need to either be added to an existing environment or a new environment needs to be created. help me come to the right conclusion and help me make the request to the right person who the appropriate rights to make it happen. Please guide me through this process and help me with tooling, don't just give me a link to a wiki.

Status: New