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Download Offline Apps Manually from Powerapps mobile app player

We've been working on creating an offline app(for iOS) that remote workers will submit forms on, which will then be uploaded once they have a connection.


We've noticed that opening apps offline is unreliable and there is no clear way to tell if an app has been downloaded. We don't want to release an app and allow our workers to get to their remote location before realising the app hasn't downloaded.


It would be great if there was a download button somewhere the user could click on to manually download an app and see the progress.  Maybe this could be integrated with pining the app to the home screen.


If anyone knows anything about the way the apps download currently please say!



Status: New
Helper II

I have been working on a similar Offline POC and this idea would assist the offline feature.

Especially when some data has been saved in offline mode and with a new update the data gets cleared.