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Drag and Drop of documents in PowerApps

Within PowerApps there is one control ( attachements in forms) thsat acceptsthe drag and drop of documents.  This means that when you want to deliver  drag and drop fucntionality in a PowerApp you would have to create a temporary list and a form that only displays the attachment field. Then trigger a flow on this attachment's list item.  This is not a great UX. 

Also the attachment control doesn't give you much flexibility as to the look and feel of the control. 


Can we have a drag and drop control added to PowerApps?

Status: New
New Member

Hello, I am with you. Better could be that there is a paste in Option. E.g. you took a screenshot with the snipping tool or greenshot or some other tool. And then you go into your powerapp an put it via STRG+V or a button for paste the screenshot / Attachment into the app.

BR Tobias