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Drag and drop functionality - Timephased


Currently one of the main issues we have with customers and using the very friendly PowerApps interface is that they are used to being able to drag'n'drop elements in all other software/games. 
Which of course leaves them a bit disapointed when we can't provide them with this functionality in any way. 

A use case if often when something is placed on a timeline and they want to move this element in time. 
It would be a huge advantage if there was some way to interact with element in a e.g. a timephased area.

By dragging the element the start/finish date should also be changed accordingly.

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Agreed. There are many great UI cases for a manually sortable gallery like a Planner/Trello lane.

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@FredericForest  - Definitly! It also taps right into the agile way of working for many users

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I came across a youtube-video where an object is draggable through using a hidden slicer control. However it doesn't provide the user experience I need, as the object is only moved after releasing the mouse.

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This would be an enormous asset for:

-visually reordering ordered lists

-reordering cards in forms

-prioritizing issues live



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I would like to drag & drop items on and in a calender.

Like a digital planbord.


Woulde be great for our service-coördinators.

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This would be fantastic for reordering complex client legal/relational hierarchies for CRM reporting and cleanup

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This would be a great tool


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