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Drag and drop functionality to reorder controls and to move screens up/down

Currently, if we need to reorder controls (bring forward/send backward), we have to do it one step at a time. Bring to front and Send to back are fine if we want to reorder the control as the first or the last respectively. Similar, if a screen needs to be moved up or down, we have to do it one step at a time. 


In the attached GIF, if I have to reorder Label74 below IconRefresh22 and move Screen74 to be above Screen71, doing it one step at a time can be very time consuming: 




It would be great if we could replicate the functionality of reordering fields within a form (shown below) to reorder controls and to move screens:




Adding this functionality will save a lot of time for anyone who has to reorder controls and move screens within Power Apps. Isn't that everyone??? 🙂



Hardit Bhatia

Status: New
Level 10

This would be really helpfull and time-saving... And it should work for controls as well as for screens... And if we could also reorder components parameters using drag and drop it would be great.

In fact, generally speaking, drag and drop should just be natively present anywhere we can reorder elements. Using context menus is really too slow...

Super User

@R3dKap exactly! Drag and drop should be present whenever reordering is possible. Component parameters is definitely another good example. 


Thanks for up voting!


Hardit Bhatia