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Drag and drop to change order of controls/textfields/(other) in the treeview

Would be nice to be able to rearrange controls layer order in the treeview of the different screens in canvas apps by simply dragging and dropping.

Status: New
Helper V

It's hard to believe this isn't an option yet. If I don't add things in the right order it can be extremely cumbersome to create a whole new set of controls that you have to click 3 times to move one position up or down when you want to move it up or down 30 or so places. Apparently there used to be functionality where you could move them up or down using CTRL+Up/Down keys but it was removed.


*EDIT* Just found this referencing keyboard shortcuts. The quick ones you'll want are to move controls up or down use CTRL+[ (down) or CTRL+] (up)

Post Prodigy

@vwyankee thank you so much! This has saved me a lot of time ordering things in my application. It's incredibly difficult when you're building mock-modal windows and you have to change the order of things.