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Drop down control has no blank option

There seems to be no option to select blank / nothing in the drop down control, thus if you have a lookup field in your database which is optional there is no way of leaving it blank or deleting it after it has been created.


All other lookups elsewhere (Sharepoint, MS Access, etc) have an option to select blank. Can this be added into PowerApps?

Status: Under Review

You can achieve this scenario by using the combo box control instead of the drop down.


If you configure a combo box to disable searching (IsSearchable = false) and to be single-select (SelectMultiple = false) it should be fairly similar to a dropdown, with the advantage of being able to click on an "x" of the selected item pill to remove that item and have a blank selection.


We are planning to replace the dropdown implementation with that of a combo box, so that's the reason why this fix isn't being prioritized.

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Planned
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Given the number of bugs in PowerApps, I was looking to see if Google App Maker is any better.  Please see here the google approach in regards to null option for drop downs:



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I agree. Setting up a blank allowed value is not a viable solution since it looks terrible in the dropdown list as it is much thinner than any non-blank options.




Data = ["Y", "N", ""]


Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 5.40.40 PM.png


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Is there an update to this yet?

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Has this been sorted yet?

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When you're in the drop down's settings you want to make sure you deselect, any items in the item list,

Doing so will give you a blank drop down to being with.

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 Any ETA on this?

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Any Update??

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Any update or workaround?

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omg yes, this seems like such a simple thing to fix. As in, the drop down menu control option to have a TRUE or FALSE StartWithBlank property. This would be not a selectable blank, just for appearance