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Dropdown control allow end user to add a choice

A common use for dropdown controls in our organization is to maintain clean data and reduce the human factors of data entry. As an author you don't always know what the possible values are for a dropdown control or what values may be required in the future. To both reduce maintainance of the app as well as provide the value within clean data, I'd like to see functionality added within the dropdown control property editor to give the end-users of the app the ability to add choices within the dropdown control. I do realize this could imply fundamental architectural changes, but personally I think the value for those organizations that would use the feature would justify its creation.

Status: Under Review

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You can achieve the same (or nearly the same) functionality currently, though not as concise. If you have the dropdown pointed at a data source to get its options, you can have a text box with an add button that adds the user's input to that data source. To clean it up, you can have an 'Other' option that, when selected, makes an input field visible. On submission of the form, you could have that input added to the source of the options so it is in the dropdown for future users.


Obviously this isn't quite as clean or simple as having the solution built into the dropdown control, but it should be able to do the trick in the meantime for you.

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Updating status and adding @FilipK