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Dropdowns - allow for search to work around 500 item limit

Dropdowns on PowerApps are limited to displaying 500 items. While it makes sense it should have a limit of what can be displayed at a time and 500 seems reasonable to me, this will likely create problems as your application grows. An attribute to enable search and filter data using delegated queries when applicable would allow this control to be used with no concerns. If people don't want to use search they can just disable that. I know combo boxes do this already but on form controls you don't have the option to use a combo box.


So an an alternative would be to allow combo boxes to be used on form controls.

Note this has nothing to do with the limit to non delegable queries. The control itself is limited to 500 items and displays the message below as the last item displayed. The 500 item limit is also stated on the PowerApps documentation.



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You can use combo boxes in forms see .


Or you could add a text box above and filter the dropdown by the textbox value. 

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Thanks! Not clear from that post how I can add a Combobox though. In  my context, the form is tied to SQL table. When I select a table field I only see a limited number of options. In this case I select "Allowed Values" and then the control becomes a dropdown. I feel like if there is a way to have it as a combo box then it should be easier, unless my workflow to work with forms is totally wrong...



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Forms are a bit of a pain to work with. So you don't break what you have make a copy of the screen to work with. Try unlocking the datacard, deleting the dropdown and inserting a drop down. You may need to set the combo box to have the same source as the data card, but hopefully it should work. Let me know how you get on. Otherwise, I will be able to log on tomorrow and try it out and if it works, I'll do some better instructions. 

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No worries. I think I got the gist of it. I imagined something like that but I could not figure out a way to add a control inside the data card. I tried to drag and drop a combo box but that did not work... I tried again and I see it working. You have to drag it to the datacard... That is interesting. Yeah, will probably have some pain wiring things they should be wired but I have to do a bit of rewiring anyways as in my case I want to display a description to the user while reading/saving a numeric primary key to the database. That requires touching a bunch of the related attributes (e.g. Default, Items and Update)

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Note that you can change the settings of a combo box so that it resembles a drop down if you prefer that interface.  Set "Allow multiple selections" and "Allow searching" to off.