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Dynamic Data Source

I have created an app for a certain SharePoint site. I am using this same app for other SharePoint sites that have the same structure (tables, columns, etc.) To do this I know have to save the app with another name and replace the data source manually inside the app editor. It would be perfect to have just one single app where I can give the SharePoint site url, or site tables when opening the app.


An idea that comes to my mind would be to have the user select the SharePoint that he wants to connect to and do the data source connection relative to the user's choice.


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This is a great idea and would help me massively with connecting to sharepoint sub-sites.

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This would really help us, as we would like to automatically deploy a powerapp with a new Microsoft Teams Team as a tab with which to manage document archival.

Right now it looks like we have to build our own solution as Powerapps lack this feature.

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This is an absolutely essential deployment capability and should be a standard part of the PowerApps platform.

To expect every application developer to individual reconnect data sources to every deployment of an application is ludicrous!  That says basically that PowerApps is only good for applications that will always include custom implementation to get it up and running.

And what happens if you want to update an application?  Save it, redeploy it, reconnect it and retest it every time thewre is an update.  Absurd!

Come on guys, spend a little development time making it easier to deploy apps.

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Really hope this is implemented as the lack of a dynamic/variablized data source option makes the prospect of reconfiguring an app rather daunting.

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The idea mentioned about relative data positioning within a SharePoint is a good one.  Two additional thoughts along these lines:

  1. In addition to making this change to PowerApps, a change or option should also be added to SharePoint so you can copy tables with a relative pathname instead of a GUID when saving them as a template.  That way if you have any large or complex tables you don't have to recreate them or break open the export packet, modify it and re-package it just to get a copy of the tables.
  2. I'd also suggest we consider taking this beyond just the SharePoint domain and make it relative to any data source (e.g. if you point it to a database, as long as the required tables exist, then the reconnect is automatic as well).


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Great idea to easily switch between test <--> production environment (site) for developping without any risk


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I need this for my project. Need a longterm solution instead of manually maintaining 100 apps for 100 clients.

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I understand that there are lots of dependencies that are not easy to resolve in SharePoint data connectors (e.g. inconsistencies due to field/content type/list configuration on different sites). Thus, it would be hard to ensure application behavior consistency on site/list URL change.

But, there are so many cases when the connections must be dynamic. Otherwise, a new app would need to be created for each site. And, app deployment and maintenance would be a nightmare.

My use case is to target a Project site that is selected from a gallery listing all registered sites. And, the number of sites potentially grow to 2,000+ sites in about year. All project sites are provisioned consistently from a PnP template, and content types come from a content type hub.

Another option is to import a copy of PowerApp into all sites as a list attached app. This process can potentially get automated. But then lots of problems and questions arise.

A single form with dynamic connectors would be a more elegant solution.

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The demo video for the corresponding blog speaks for itself really. It goes way beyond simply the feature request here. @DEVFactor the blog I have published addresses every single requirement you've stated, included all inconsistencies due to field/content type/list configuration on different sites. Every single metadata field on any list or document library on SharePoint site is surfaced including content types, in a completely dynamic way using just 5 highly reusable Power Automate flows.

I have created a far simplied demo app that pretty much showcases how awesome and easy it is to leverage this code, and uploaded a far shorter 2 minute video demo of the simplied app to YouTube so anyone can check it out before deciding whether or not they'd like to test drive it 🤗.


I've shared a link to download the simplified PowerApp on my related blog post:

PowerApps & SharePoint – The Ultimate User Experience


Rather than me trying to describe whether this blog is worth reading or not, feel free to leave your comments on this thread about any functionality in particular you may think is pretty awesome 😁

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I ran into this idea looking for a possibility to switch from QA to PROD data source. As list definition in SharePoint (but also table definition etc.) are the same in QA and PROD I was expecting a straightforward way to achieve this, but unfortunately it seems as it's currently not possible. 😞