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Dynamic Data Source

I have created an app for a certain SharePoint site. I am using this same app for other SharePoint sites that have the same structure (tables, columns, etc.) To do this I know have to save the app with another name and replace the data source manually inside the app editor. It would be perfect to have just one single app where I can give the SharePoint site url, or site tables when opening the app.


An idea that comes to my mind would be to have the user select the SharePoint that he wants to connect to and do the data source connection relative to the user's choice.


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Advocate I

Yes being able to use patch which uses a variable would equally solve this. A user selects at Powerapp start there department - and that is stored as a variable which means the list/document library you want to then patch to can be placed as a variable in the path formula.


We have an app that is used for multiple Sharepoint site collections that have the same lists set up - but we have to create and consequently any updates to app have to be duplicated. Being able to have one app, that user selects the site they wanting to connect to would mean we deploy one app that can right to which ever Sharepoint list that is then specified in the library.