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Dynamically add a new control


Could you please add the functionality to dynamically (on the flow/programatically) add new controls to a Screen. This is an urgent requirement as we are trying to build Apps with custom fields. According to the Data Type of the custom field we want to be able to add the relevant control to the screen.



Status: New

Hi  WPB Team, 


Thanks for your information!!


 Our requirement is how to create dynamic control using powerapps component framework


Could you please provide Suggestion above ask?





Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

Sorry for that, I'm not currently using the components.

Advocate IV

Not only should you be able to add components on the fly, all the existing components should be part of a tree-like structure that one can programmatically walk through, alter properties, add, delete components.


Right now I'm not even sure I could test if a static named component exists, let alone using a variable to name a component.