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Dynamics 365 Financials Connector - Open up primary keys for record creation

Either via Flow or PowerApps, we are unable to effectively create records in Dynamics 365 for Financials using the connector due to the restriction on the primary key fields.  In Flow, the primary key fields are not even visible, and in PowerApps, they are forced to read-only and am unable to manually set them.


For example, when connecting to the Job Card page, you don't have the ability to specify the Job No field.  Although this might be okay for primary entities that have auto-numbering set, it is problematic for relating tables, such as the Job Task Lines.  For the Job Task Lines, there appears to be no ability to set the Job No or the Job Task No, which results in not being able to create the item due to invalid values (blanks) for those (primary key) fields. 


As noted above, Flow and PowerApps using the connector react slightly differently, but the net result is the same.  If I connect to the OData API via Postman, I am able to create job task lines successfully, as I can then specify the primary key fields - so it isn't the API.


Please reduce the restriction or "intelligent" rendering of those fields, so that they can be used effectively when creating new records.

Status: New