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Dynamics 365 Portal Virus / malware detection

Hi There, We need a malware detection at the time of file upload. Currently there is no virus detection when a file is uploaded from the Portal. If an infected file is accessed by the user then it leads to a security threat risk which then needs to be mitigated as a separate add-on solution and it de-justifies the use of SaaS service.


Understood that it will depend on the storage location i.e. CRM Notes attachments, Azure Blob Storage or SharePoint Online. Irrespective of where the file is uploaded a malware scan should be detected at the entry point and shouldn;t be relying on a user's desktop virus protection.


There are options of leveraging other cloud services like, to send a file for an online scanner and then allow the upload to complete or store it in a temp location>scan> then push forward to desired location, but these security measures increases the cost of implemeting an enterprise solution. This defats the purpose of consuming a SaaS service. 


I hope this can be considered in the future roadmaps.



Status: Declined