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Dynamics 365, SharePoint Document Management integration with the Portal

Author Name: Donna Edwards

Expose Dynamics 365  / SharePoint Document Management through the Portal.  We would like the ability to add and display documents in the Portal that have been uploaded to Dynamics 365 and saved to SharePoint using SharePoint Document Management in Dynamics 365.

Status: Completed

This feature has been release with October 2018 release. Details can be found here


Dileep Singh
PM, Microsoft

Regular Visitor

Very much agree - with prior (ADX) portals you could expose documents directly to external users without them needing to be concerned with where the files are, which is ideal for most external user scenario.

With Dynamics 365 Portals, there is no access to the web.config so no way to set the connectionString for the SharePoint server authentication - essentially making documents only available through notes / Azure blobs.

Directly affecting three pursuits we are engaged in.

Thanks for listening!

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Definitely critical for most customers!

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The lack of SharePoint access from within the Dynamics Portals has hurt us in conversations with EDU Dynamics customers.  We need to be able to upload and access already uploaded documents from within the Portal as part of various business processes.  One example: Student Enrollment Application.  Could include the following documents: Transcript; Resume; Letter(s) of Recommendation; Essay.


A critical feature, will help us drive O365 (SharePoint) sales along with portal. It'd be great if the feature somewhat  mirrored the way Dynamics behaves in that I have a wizard where I can connect Dynamics to an entity. We could also offer a connection to OneDrive similar to Dynamics today, though SharePoint is the most paramount. This lack of feature just impacted one of my deals with a customer (Natl. Institute of Health).

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Absolutely! Thanks Donna for getting this started. We have had 2 requests in the last several months to provide this. Part of this request, for me at least, is to allow for role-based granular access to the documents. Portal user A has access to all docs for that Account, portal user B only has access to a sub-set of docs for that account. 3 or 4 levels deep would be excellent.



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It's very much required feature, as i have seen in various  portal - crm  projects. So , please add this feature in next release.

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We have two current implementations that have this requirement and we are scoping out 2 additional projects that look to have this as a requirement.

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We definitely require this feature. Please can we at least have it on the roadmap?

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Hzllo, it's a very required feature. Please can we have it on the roadmap?

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It would nice if you could group documents,uploaded to the same record, into a single folder. The option to choose the field, that the folder name is pulled from, when the record is created, would be essential. IT would also be a good idea to implement a root folder for these subfolders (named something pertaining to the entity name.)