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Dynamics CRM Developer Toolkit for CRM 2015/Visual Studio 2013

Author Name: Tyler DCG

When will the Developer Toolkit be available for CRM 2015/Visual Studio 2013?

Status: Completed

Thanks for your feedback, you can download the CRM 2015 SDK now from here : 


Srikumar Nair,

 PM, Microsoft

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@AdrianSayasane same thing is written in ReadMe file for CRM 2015 we are waiting some time now.
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In the ReadMe file of the CRM 2016 SDK they state "An updated Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is planned for this release but isn’t ready at this time. Please refer to the CRM 2013 SDK for information about the Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. The CRM 2013 SDK is available to download." Still no information about when this might be released however....
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There is an open source toolkit that beats the pants off of the one that used to be in the SDK, IMO.  It's called "Dynamics CRM Developer Extensions".  I (have no affiliation with it and) highly recommend it.

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+1 for @Jeff Klosinski recommending Jason Lattimer's Developer Extensions. We shifted to using that some time ago now and haven't looked back. TypeScript support, single Web Resource Publish etc. With a bit of Powershell we're pulling the solution down to the dev machine and SolutionPackager extracting on a Project clean too so no functionality lost and much gained. The new one from MS will have to have some killer features to make us go back.

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Another +1 for Jason Lattimer's extensions. I especially love the plugin and workflow integration testing templates, they have cut down my development time for plugins and custom workflow assemblies considerably.

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Any News?

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+1 Definitely I need

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Good news! The new version of the Developer Toolkit is now available -

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Still has major bugs - in particular wiping the contents of crmregister file make it useless for existing solutions