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Easier Way to Patch Attachments from Canvas App to SharePoint List

How about an easier way send Attachments in a canvas app to a SharePoint List and "recalling" those attachments as well?


Example: We have a "ticketing" app. The user fills out a bunch of fields and we Patch the information back to the SharePoint List as a new item. When they want to view/edit their ticket, there's another screen with a Gallery > they select their item in the list > click a button > taken to another screen (duplicate of the "new ticket" screen) and we use the Defaults parameter to pull the information for their ticket (and variables). I want to be able to allow them to add attachments in the new ticket screen and be able to view/edit/upload attachments in the view/edit ticket screen.

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I believe I am looking for the same functionality.  I have a canvas app designed to create a new SharePoint item in a SharePoint list.  The app has several text fields and other input fields, then I have a form area that has an attachments card with attachments input.  I would like to be able to pass any attachments to a PowerAutomation associated with the PowerApp.  The PowerAutomation flow creates the list item based on the text fields and other input fields, then needs to add the attachments to the newly created item.  Unfortunately, PowerApps cannot currently pass attachments to a PowerAutomation flow.  When I attempt to do so, I see an error that says something about supplying a table but expecting a record.

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Sounds like it to me!