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Easily customize record icon (initials, circle color and conditional images)

The record icon, or primary image, is an underused feature of model driven apps. Most of the time, meaningless initials in a random color circle are shown. We should leverage this feature to provide a better visual experience for users.


1. Makers should be able to customize which initials are used in the icon.

2. Makers should be able to customize the background color of the circle through conditional formatting based on a field's value (example: if the record Value is over a certain amount, show red circle, if not show green circle)

3. Makers should be able to set an icon image, stored as a web resource, based on conditions (example: if the record has a choice set as Residental, show icon of a house, if the choice is set as Industrial, show icon of a factory...)

4. Accessible text should be available as an alternative for the points above.


In general, more needs to be done to improve the use of colors (through conditional formatting in forms, views and charts) and images in model driven apps.

Status: New