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Edit a record that is not in the first 2000

 Edit a record that is not in the first 2000

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Hi @Slopez - could you give me more information of what you're trying to do here? Where are you trying to edit the record, and are you receiving an error that's stopping you from editing all records?

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Thank you very much, the solvent using the Path

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Status changed to: Completed
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@CWesenerHow did you solve the problem? I am using Canvas app and want to update one column in SharePoint list and my list has > 2000 items. After crossing 2000 items the condition is no more working.
My condition on button click find specific Item from list having >2000 items, and updates count of column.

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I suppose that the issue is when using Updateif function on datasets larger than 2000 records.

Since Updateif is not delegable it won't find the record to modify if it is beyond the first 2000 records.


So it would be amazing to have a delegable Updateif