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Edit attachments from within PowerApps form and save to SharePoint

I have a SharePoint integrated PowerApp form that I am adding an attachment to via Flow.  The attachment is an Excel file that is strored in a document library in the same site.  It is a template that has conversion numbers in it and changes frequently.  The Excel file is added succesfully to the PowerApps form and is visible after saving and opening the new form. 


The issue is, when I open the form and click on the attachment, it downloads to my local download folder(Chrome only, cannot get attachment to worl in IE or Edge).  If I edit the Excel file, it is not saved back into the PowerApps form. The edits are all saved locally.   


I have also found that if you put a check next to the item in the sharepoint list... access the properties for the item through the details dialog in SharePoint Online... Click the link for the attachment in the details dialog.... you can actually edit the Excel File attached to the list item, save the changes back to the list and see the changes in the attachment on the list item.  The changes are visible from the link in the PA form or from the details screen.  So the issue is only associated with the attachment link on the PowerApps form.


IDEA: - Attach a file to PowerApps form and allow editing and saving back to SharePoint list from PowerApps.


I really am struggling with how this is a capability by default????? 

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The form should use SharePoint's ?web=1 URL suffix when in Edit DisplayMode,

then download() when in View mode.

This would result in the item being edited in the online editor rather than downloaded, edited, removed, and re-uploaded as it is currently being done by most companies.


@TopShelf-MSFT any chance you could raise this with the Team if it's not already on their longer-term radar?