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”Edit data in Excel ” is missing from Dataverse for Teams in recent updates?

I've found "edit data in Excel" is missing from Table tool menu in Dataverse for Teams in these days.


I can't find any updates about this missing from docs.

Edit table data in Excel and publish it back to Dataverse for Teams - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs


It seems to be caused by recent updates, but this tool is our "Must" tool, so I hope it'll be back.

Anyone know about this?


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I've found some workarounds. 

( I don't know they are recommended way for now, but worked for me.) 


1. Edit in Power Apps Maker portal 

1). Click "Open in Power Apps" in Table menu.  Be sure to not to select any table. 

    It will open "Common Data Services Default Solution" > "Tables" at

2). Select the table you want to edit in Excel > "Edit" > "Edit data in Excel"


2.Change the connection of existing Excel( in case, if you have one exported before)

1) Open setting menu in Power Apps add-in from gear icon.

2) Change the "Connection" url to the target environment url.

    You can find the url from "version information" panel of Power Apps app > "session information" > Instance url

3) Check "Design Options" > "Enable design" > OK

4) Click "Design" in the Excel add-in, remove existing table , add a table you want to connect > "Next"

   Select all fields from" Available fields" > move to "Selected fields" > "Done"

5) Click "Refresh"


about enable design

Open table data in Excel - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs




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This issue seems to have been fixed now.