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Editable Tables

Editable Tables

The ability to display a simple table with filter controls, like excel or the old “Datasheet” from the 365 Access Apps; where you can display, edit and add records all on the same screen/visual. This way you don’t need 2 different views, 1 for viewing and 1 for editing/adding. In other words have a “Data Table” (as they are currently called in PowerApps) that has full CRUD ability.


Status: Planned
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
New Member

With the status being "planned; is there no estimated timeframe?  This would be an awesome feature - looking forward to seeing it added.

Kudo Kingpin

Yes, this is very much needed. The current table control is almost useless - no filtering, sorting etc.

Advocate I


Is there any timeline for this feature to be available?

Many thanks in advance!

Frequent Visitor

This functionality is present in other competing low-code environments out of the box. Strange this isn't a higher priority...

Advocate III

@jasosongre said "On the roadmap" nearly two years ago, @Audrie-MSFT said "Planned" 10 months ago...

Do we really have to continue using this awkward hack?

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Any update on this idea? it's in planned for a long time..

Advocate IV

Any update since this adds a lot of functionality in one component that can't be achieved another way?

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Super User

This is a very important feature which will take No Code development even further. This idea has been around for nearly 3 years. Please give some update.

Kudo Kingpin

Agreed. Standard and basic functionality on most platforms. Maybe 3 more years to implement???