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Editable Tables

Editable Tables

The ability to display a simple table with filter controls, like excel or the old “Datasheet” from the 365 Access Apps; where you can display, edit and add records all on the same screen/visual. This way you don’t need 2 different views, 1 for viewing and 1 for editing/adding. In other words have a “Data Table” (as they are currently called in PowerApps) that has full CRUD ability.


Status: Completed

This is now possible in the Maker portal's Table Hub.

Power Apps

Thanks for the feedback!  Enabling editability in the Data table control is a feature on our roadmap. 

Advocate II

@jasongre I sincerely wish for implementation of this function as soon as possible.
Let me know if you know the timing of implement. Thank you.

Regular Visitor

is there any update on the timing yet? Desperately waiting for this feature.

Advocate II

Yes! Please do this as soon as possible!

Advocate II

Is this planned yet?

Advocate I

Looking forward to this happening! 

Advocate I

Any idea as to timing on this?

Memorable Member
@jasongre is there a chance to share roadmap?
Helper I

Is there ny work around please , i am in a mess

Not applicable

Is the intention here to use this in<environment>/entities/<entity_id>/<entity> ?


In my view everything is pretty much there except you cannot edit the data that is visible.