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Element 'Group' property

I might be doing this all wrong but groups right now feel wonky to work with, in the current project I am working on we have a lot of groups and when I try adding an element to a group the new object/element is pushed to the first spot of the page. If I want to group the old group and the new object/element the old group vanishes, the name is lost and the new group is named 'group1' and pushed to the front of the page..


My suggestion is that maybe make it so that you can add objects to a group from the start or add a property on objects to more easily add something to a group? 

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Never mind I found out that if you use the left sidebar 'Insert' you have more options than the ribbon actions, these insert options are draggable objects that can be placed. unclear to me why there is a difference between the ribbon and left side bar.