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Email to Case issue


Actually OR condition should work with IN operator. Also the workaround given in the link provided is tedious and will not work in our scenario.
We have to monitored only specific number of email Id around 8-10. So we want a condition like

Email :To Recipient contains [] OR Email :To Recipient contains [] etc.

I think we can achieve this using IN operator, but it seems to be not working. Could you please confirm is this a product bug?

Workaround for us is to add the multiple else if condition and repeat the steps in each else if.

Please find the attached file for the more information

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Thanks for the feedback this product suggestion looks like it is a bug not a suggestion. We have made note of the issue, this item will be closed out as postponed and this is a bug not a feature. Please use the following link to enter a support case if you would like to make sure to have the issue tracked more closely. Thanks for the feedback. Larry