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Embed DocumenLibrary view as a control in PowerApp

Document Libraries have various Content Types, Templates, DocumentSets, Folders, Bulk upload capabilities. It is very hard for us to replicate these capabilities or mimic them in PowerApps.
In many workflow scenarios we need to allow users to track version History/Show version history to users/Delete/retrive previous versions of documents and submit new versions.
If we have Document App parts or some Inbuilt PowerApps document library Controls that can work with SPOnline and allow us to work with version info/upload/create new documents, it will ease our development effort and it will drive easy adoption at many organizations.
If providing a dedicated control, please include capability to display it in Readonly/ReadWrite mode.
If this feature is already available, please provide us with a detailed guidance on how to use these various SPOnline Document library capabilities in PowerApps.

Status: New