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Embed Stream videos in PowerApps

Allow the ability to embed a stream video into a powerapp.

We can embed youtube videos but not videos using Microsofts own services. 

It should not be an authorization issue since the users already have to be authenticated to use PowerApps.


It would be nice to see Microsoft have integration with its own services.

Status: Completed

A bit of a delayed announcement here, but this has been completed with the release of the Stream video control.

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The status was changed to: UNDER REVIEW in August last year.

Please revert with an update on the use of Stream Video together with PowerApps

I appreciate your help.


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This is coming for General Availability in July 2019 as per the product release notes... Cant wait to explore this and build apps...


A delayed but welcome feature.

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Hi, it's the end of July. Any updates on the availability of this feature?

Helper V

When will this be released?

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Looking forward to this coming out very shortly 🙂

Power Apps

Update on this: this feature is on track for availability in the early fall. Apologies for the delays - we really appreciate everyone's patience on this and we're very excited to bring this capability online as quickly as we can.


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@miglisic  - Now that we're in mid-September, do you have any updates for this? Putting corp. videos on Youtube won't cut it due to their sensitivity, so Stream seems to be the only option for us.  Any additional insight you can provide re: timing would be extremely helpful!  Thanks!

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Any updates on this as we close out October? I await this feature with great enthusiasm!

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Any update on this control?  We are now in mid November of 2019 and this idea was made 2 years ago.  As the other users have mentioned it is kind of crazy that PowerApps still doesn't have this available considering it is the platform the MS has pushed us to use for Video hosting / streaming.  Any ETA when this will at least be in preview?

Video control for Microsoft Stream videosGeneral AvailabilitySeptember 2019
Power Apps
Status changed to: Started

Stream Video control for canvas apps should be in production before Christmas.