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Embed Stream videos in PowerApps

Allow the ability to embed a stream video into a powerapp.

We can embed youtube videos but not videos using Microsofts own services. 

It should not be an authorization issue since the users already have to be authenticated to use PowerApps.


It would be nice to see Microsoft have integration with its own services.

Status: Completed

A bit of a delayed announcement here, but this has been completed with the release of the Stream video control.

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Agreed I would love this to be a feature. I have an app for my school that allows students to access tutorials, but they have to be loaded on YouTube. Would love to be working off stream instead

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My client was baffled when I explained the current limitations (Youtube and Azure Media Services).  They use Stream because it's on 0365.  They could not believe that the product would integrate with youtube before their own tool (Stream).

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Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @FilipK

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This is greatly needed.  Setting up training for shop floor employees that will inlcude a training certificate that requires the end users to watch a video and take a test.  Embedding the video on the PA form would make this process much more fluent!

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What is the status of this? This is important for us (PowerApps users & developers).

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Can we use Azure Media Services or Microsoft Stream now ? What is the status ?

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I'm with everyone else, any updates?

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Absoulutly need this integration; It would alow us to easily create a full Microsoft stack light Learning Management System. 

The ability to track users on an individual basis for safety and process training (on a role based track) is going to be critical if Microsoft wants to continue expanding into the manufacturing sector.

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Definitely need this functionality.  Any time lines?

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It's shocking that this isn't already a thing. I can't use youtube at my company but we can use stream.