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Embed Stream videos in PowerApps

Allow the ability to embed a stream video into a powerapp.

We can embed youtube videos but not videos using Microsofts own services. 

It should not be an authorization issue since the users already have to be authenticated to use PowerApps.


It would be nice to see Microsoft have integration with its own services.

Status: Completed

A bit of a delayed announcement here, but this has been completed with the release of the Stream video control.

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Amazing! Hopefully this comes through on time. It will be very helpful.

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Hi @FilipK 

Any news?

Will it come in January 2020 or later ?


Best regards, Jan

Power Apps

The control is completed and is going through the release cycle, but we've had some delays with this process and on top of the holiday release delay we are expecting.  So the new ETA is mid-January.


Apologies about the additional wait.

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Hi All, they are just about at the end of their dev cycle on this and it's awesome.  It's available in preview and here's a link to a vid I've put together showing you how to use it. @FilipK 


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Rory is right, you can try it out in preview if you have access.  The docs for the control are also live, but not yet linked from any index or ToC page:


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Hello FilipK,


Nice to see this feature is finally getting implemented, i've been looking forward for it quite some time.

Is there any change Europe will get a preview of this control or is that too close to the release date?

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Hi People - it's not started - it's finished!!!


It must have been released a day or so ago to the Europe region.



Here's a tutorial on how it all works - it REALLY is amazing

PowerApps and Stream Tutorial 


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It'is so strangers. does anyone know what the status is?

I would you like to use stream with power automate.

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It is currently being rolled out to production.  Most world-wide regions should see it already.  North America should be done by Thursday of this week.

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Thanks @FilipK - This is a very welcome update! Both @rorybi and I are very happy that this is now finally in production - there's so much you can do with it that we were limited from doing before with the standard Video control, so thank you again to yourself and the rest of the Power Apps team.