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Embed Stream videos in PowerApps

Allow the ability to embed a stream video into a powerapp.

We can embed youtube videos but not videos using Microsofts own services. 

It should not be an authorization issue since the users already have to be authenticated to use PowerApps.


It would be nice to see Microsoft have integration with its own services.

Status: Completed

A bit of a delayed announcement here, but this has been completed with the release of the Stream video control.

Helper I
Helper I

Any update on this>

Super User II

Any idea of a timescale for this?

I've created loads of Videos covering usage of our PowerApps so that deployment can be scalable and not require a user/team to attend any formal training sessions - Ideally having this as an embedded Stream player within the app would make sense so that the user can hit a Help button and it navigates to a screen with a run-through of the App's usage or any useful tips.


Can't use youtube - GDPR and social media presence rules/concerns etc.


Feels wrong that I should have to do it via hyperlink and have them leave the App just to view a video that's already on the O365 platform.

Advocate V

I'm running a Power Platform course for Microsoft Partners and some certainty in this area would help to wow users into moving to the platform.  Unfortunately telling that it is coming isn't enough.  They need to see it in the flesh.

Advocate I

We need updates on this..... I can't be designing business solutions based on "It will happen".

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This is another one of those, "I can't believe it doesn't do that" moments.


Senior leaders are not engaged in hearing some esoteric technical explanation for why something is not possible. What they know is, they purchased a product for use by tens of thousands of people that can do something, except if we happen to use other products from the same vendor, in which case it will not work.


This is a tough impression to undo unfortunately...



Advocate V

Can we have an update on this please?  It's strange that we can't embed stream into our apps and quite limiting.

Power Apps

Hi Everyone - thanks for the additional feedback here, and the additional votes on this item. The stream control is on our backlog, givent the recent surge in interest we are having conversations to see if this could be reassessed and brought forward. I'll provide an update on this item once I have more information.

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Hoping this gets implemented soon! I am trying to develop a training center app and can't have our videos on YouTube.

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I would urge your decision makers to up the priority. This is a credabikity issue more than basic functionality. This is not the only instance that microsoft products can not work with other microsoft products. Very hard to sell a half complete solution. Streams should have been the first implementation on your list. 


Please add my vote to the list!


Many Thanks

Frequent Visitor

Adding my vote to the pool, our company has an internal podcast hosted on Stream and we were amazed to find PowerApps doesn't have embedding support for Stream videos or ideally channels.


We have a PowerApp for the company podcast that uses a list of links to each video, far from ideal but the best we can make with current limitations.