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Embedded Canvas App Support

It would be great to have an easy way to program/resize an app based on if it's being played embedded in a model-app or being played elsewhere.  Maybe an IsEmbedded return property?

Resizing is difficult because the App.Height property can get very large when embedded in a model-app.  Using a normal 16:9 screen, my embedded app is upward of 7k pixels tall.  Also, having a forms extending that far below the screen by default is probably not great.  All I have on the form is a single field with the embedded app and it's defaulting to 7k pixels tall.

Also!  The modeldrivenformintegration needs to be accessible earlier in the app start.  You cannot reference that connection in the "On Start" OR in the "On Visible" of your first screen.  This is a huge pain.

Status: New