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Employee Ideas Power App - Tabs disappearing and re-appearing for some users.

We are having an issue with the Employee Ideas Power App in Teams where the submit new idea and manage ideas tab disappear from the team for some users. Sometimes the tabs come back, sometimes they do not. This issue seems to be with both the desktop version of Microsoft Teams, as well as the web version.


Has anyone seen this happen before?

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Sorry no solutions cause we have exactly the same problem since 2 or 3 weeks.

Hope someone will find a explanation for this ghost application.

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Same issue for me, and today I was launching it to the entire company - pretty embarrassing having just sold it to them, for it not to be there.


I have a feeling, it's because my currently logged in users is only a Business Basic user, I sense that perhaps I set all this up on a free trial or something like that, and now don't have access?


I managed to get into it via an old link and view it in the Browser, but even that's gone 10 minutes later.




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Same issue - looking for answers!

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We did find a temporary work-around for this - logging out of Teams and back in will consistently bring the tabs back, but is not very convenient. Rebooting etc. seems to have no impact, so maybe some sort of tokenization check.

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Same issue -over 3 weeks!


Your quick response will be highly appreciated


Best Regards,


Baran Gultekin