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Enable/Disable advanced Find with security role setting

Author Name: Bas van Sluis

It would be great if we can enable/disable the complete advanced find functionality based on a security role. This way, we can remove permissions without using custom code or edit the ribbon.

Status: Declined
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Status changed to: Declined
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Disabling Advanced Find would also imply preventing users creating custom views, and both are very valuable features as far as I can see. It might also impact user's custom outlook filters since as far as I know these are all stored in the same way as saved queries. What would be your business use case for needing to turn this off?
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The business case is that we want to have more control over the way data is displayed and records are added. In some cases, it is necessary for a user to have read access to all leads, but we don't want to make it easy to use advanced find and get the whole list with leads on their screen. We have now removed all the advanced buttons for the users and created a new advanced find button which is only visible for users with certain roles. But it is not 100% fault proof, hence this request.
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Thank you for your feedback. This is not a common use case, and we are not planning to consider this at this point. As discussion, in future if we were to introduce global search, are you suggesting we disabling search for certain security roles as well? The scenario for "making it harder for the user to access certain lists but still have permission to" doesn't seem to be a high priority use case. It would make sense to continue to do this through customization of the ribbon and other areas.
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This is an important requirement in the healthcare sector. Microsoft has to provide a way to restrict advanced find as it can used by CRM users to access all contact records.




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Yes, option to disable Advanced Find and Global search must be there to build compliance applications. I strongly recommend Microsoft to add this feature.


Thank you


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Instead of hiding the Advanced Find, how about restricting a user's ability to see the resulting data...

So on the Field and/or Entity, add an additional option to the "Searchable" options set that says "By Security Role" then users can select which security roles can view the field's data or the entities data...OR the opposite: these security roles CANNOT view the resulting data. The overall all goal is something that meets compliance and is easier to implement than FLS (which doesn't allow bulk updates).