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Enable Easy Discovery of Custom APIs

Apparently the feature to enable independent developers to publish APIApps to the Azure Marketplace is dropped.

This is a huge deterrent for PowerApps adoption as it will largely limit APIs to those provided out of the box from MSFT. These do not meet the needs of many apps.


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Status: Under Review
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To clarify I'm talking about multi-tenant APIs external to a single tenancy. API Developers need to be able to add the list of available APIs - something better than requiring IT to manually import swagger.

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Without this, you're requiring internal devs to deploy APIs thus not meeting your goal of fixing the resource gap companies have for employee facing apps. You're also setting up a new dead lock conflict akin to the eternal dev vs. dba debacle. In order for outside devs to provide valuable APIs to PowerApps users (internal employees), that dev must deploy bits to their internal azure tenancy, but IT won't allow = dead lock conflict. - nobody wins

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You should enable the community to publish custom API's. This did wonders for PowerBI custom visuals, and creating a custom API is much simpler than that. But why make every tenant create the same custom API that hundreds of other tenants have already created, or wait for Microsoft to create a connection for all API's that people will want to use? Crowdsource the API connections. 

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