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Enable GPS Capture in Background

`Location.Latitude`, `Location.Longitude` and `Location.Altitude` stop reporting when a phone screen is locked and when a phone goes to sleep. This negates any kind of IOT scenario. We need this!


I've been getting a popup on my phone lately that says "PowerApps is running in the background, do you want to allow or only allow when the app is in use?".


Since PowerApps is ABLE to run in the background, please enable the capture of location information from our apps when the screen is locked/phone asleep.


Thank you

Status: New
Level: Power Up

Hi. My team is new in the PowerApps org and we are looking at adding geospatial capabilities to the Power Platform. We would love to chat more about your requirements around mapping. If you are interested please feel free to DM me your contact information or email me at