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Enable MaxLength in Rich Text Editor

We use text input to capture commentary however we need to limit max characters. Rich text editor preview looks pretty good however we still have to use normal text input becasue there is no MaxLength feature in rich text editor. 



Status: Under Review

Flagging @FilipK

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Status changed to: Under Review

Flagging @FilipK

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@tongliu17 I am curious how would length be defined for RTE given that the output is HTML?   Are you looking for total length of the markup or just the ones that are displayed? 


What if there are tables and images? Remember that users can copy and paste from other sources, which might contain heavy markup but light content. 

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@FilipK I probably go with the ones are displayed ... however since its HTML output, i know its not easy to apply MaxLength to the box.

Current text input is fine for us for now however our end users want to add bullet points more easily instead of writing in Word and then pasting over to text input, if that can be achieved in text input, we will be really happy or if we switch to RTE, we will need MaxLength. Hope this helps. Many thanks