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Enable Powerapp to mysql

Powerapp can be connected thourhg the Datagateway to SQL but not to MYSQL. Can you please enable this feature?

Status: Started
Flow Staff
Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @archanan to confirm status pls.

Level: Powered On

I agree, please add a MySQL connector.

Level: Powered On

Any status update on this? I see we are able to read data from a MySQL database, but will we be able to writed data? Just like the SQL server?

Level: Powered On

Very important this one!! Let's go open source.

Flow Staff
Status changed to: Started
Level 8

Will it be able write as well?

Level: Power Up

+1 on this. We have pre-existing MySQL databases from other applications we would like to quickly pull data from. Writing to them would be great as well. 

Level: Powered On

Would also like views to be supported similar to SQL.

Also support for flow triggers on tables.