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Enable Quickfind Search Results for the Current (Filtered) View rather than ALL records a user has access to see


Currently, the QuickFind Search in CRM (2011 Orion Update and later) searches ALL Records that a user has access to, then returns the full results. The proposed behavior is to search the currently selected "View" then return the search results as a subset. Example: Lets say I choose Inactive-Accounts as my Filtered view. Then I type in "Caterpillar" into the QuickFind box. The view should return ONLY results that are a sub set of this view - instead of ALL data I have access to.

95% of CRM users are confused by this concept, and most don't realize it. The problem is more acute for companies having large numbers of Accounts and Contacts per sales person - thus having many scrolling screens in CRM to click through. This type of search is also useful for collaboration purposes. For example, we have a sales territory within a region. A sales person has "Read view" of the Region, but wants to search only the records they own ("My Accounts or My Contacts"). Currently, they must use Advanced Find which is cumbersome.

Lastly, with the introduction of Multi-entity search, we believe Multi-Entity search fufills the "Search the whole database" function. QuickFind should be returning results from filtered views only. Advanced Find is targeted at the top 10-20% of advanced CRM users. Quick Find is the daily workhorse of search.

We appreciate your consideration, if polling your customers, I assure you this issue will be a top concern - but again, most don't even realize the limitation. They think "CRM Search just stinks" - not true!

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