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Enable binding to OOB Address Fields

While experimenting with PCF development I have noticed that it is not currently possible to bind properties to the OOB address fields (e.g. address1_line1, address2_line1, etc).


Could this be enabled? As currently, the only workarounds are to duplicate the address fields on the entity and then how JavaScript and/or workflow to synchronise the data between the fields, or to use the webapi to retrieve and update values.

Status: Completed

The bug is resolved and changes should be available in production .



Frequent Visitor

Hi @HemantG , 

I just noticed address2 fields are still not available. Is this a known issue?



Regular Visitor

Hi @HemantG,

We are able to access address1 fields, but still not able to access address2 fields.

Can you review and at least update us on status so we can communicate same to our client.

Or let us know if we are missing anything.

Also, @indikaa let me know if you found any workaround for address2 fields issue.