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Enable delegation on lookup 'Id' column

Today, only the 'Value' part of a lookup column can be delegated through Filter, Lookup, =, ... functions:

Image 2.png

If you try filtering on the 'Id' part of the lookup column, then you get the delegation warning message:

Image 3.png

It would be nice to have the 'Id' column delegable as well, thus allowing us to workaround eventual duplicate 'Value' values and target more efficiently the correct item(s).

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Delegation issues are a pain, so every idea to reduce the pain gets my vote.

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I noticed —-at least with CDS connector — that it gives delegation warning for a similar filter unless I wrap the data source in the filter with the Disambig @ sign.  For example: 



 ... Filter([@‘My Entity’], ‘My Entity’ = varRecord.’My Entity’)  ...


I don’t know what data source you’re using, but maybe this might help?

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Thanks @NewcombR  I will try, I use SharePoint as a datasource.


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It is very frustrating that delegation on lookup column IDs is not an option. This severely limits the value of using Power Apps and SharePoint.

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I agree that this needs to be addressed, but there is a workaround.

1. When creating the SP lookup column - instead of the default "Title", change it to "ID". Now both the "Id" column and the "Value" column will contain the ID.

2. In your powerapps code use the following syntax to filter without delegation:

Filter(MySharePointList, MyLookup.Value = MyGallery.Selected.ID)


Edit: There is an incompatible type warning, but this just works and gets rid of the delegation warning. Put a Text() convert function around MyGallery.Selected.ID to get rid of the warning.

Advocate IV

It's ridiculous how Microsoft imposes this kind of situation on its customers.
I definitely don't recommend POWERAPPS to anyone!

I really miss MSAccess.