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Enable gallery nested in edit form control

It would be nice to enable gallery controls nested in edit form controls.

At the moment, we cannot put galleries directly inside forms. Although we can move galleries from outside to inside forms by "cut and paste", the galleries inside the forms do not work correctly so it might not be intended behavior. 

Since the function of dropdowns and comboboxes is very limited, I'm sure that galleries inside edit forms would be useful to overcome these limitations.

Status: New
Advocate I

I hope the implementation of this feature will be realized as soon as possible.

Community Champion

Unless/until this is implemented, Power Apps should not allow adding a Gallery to an Edit form via cut/copy/paste.

Adding a new gallery control to an edit form is disabled, but users just assume this is another PowerApps bug and so use cut/copy/paste to get the gallery in the form, and then later find that gallery does not work properly. There needs to be some feedback to tell users that Galleries in Edit Forms are currently unsupported and should not be used.

I've had to deal with a number of support issues and rework Apps created by users who were unaware of the limitations of galleries in forms.

Super User

This is a much needed feature ! please add