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Enable "Set Host URL" Policy support on Custom Connector using On-Premise Gateway

In a scenario with a custom connector that uses an on premise gateway, it is currently not possible to use the "Set Host Url" policy template. (500 Error - Connection actively refused by host)


If this was enabled it would allow us to dynamically change the host url in different environments (Dev/UAT/Prod etc.) and not require any manual changes to the connector in each environment.



Status: New
New Member

This is an important enhancement that will allow certification of the custom connectors.


For this to work together with "Set host URL" an option with "on-premises gateways" or on the cloud should be made available.


If this is implemented a single certified connector will be able to:

1- Be used against cloud (publicly accessible) APIs

2- Be used against on-premises deployments of APIs



If this is supported a single certification of the connector will be required facilitating support.