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Enable the NFC feature



I was wondering if you're planning to add this functionnality to the Framework.

This could be very interesting and many scenarios could result from it, such as in the industry!

I know that this feature is not necessarily present on all phones but having the possibility to access the NFC reader as well as the camera could be interesting!

Status: New
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Desperately looking for this function as well.🤣 

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I'd love to have the ability to use this my apps!

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Frequent Visitor

I stumbled across this quite by accident. I can't find any documentation for this and can't understand why Microsoft would neglect to mention something with so much potential.


The ReadNFC() function returns the following:


  • .Text
  • .RTD
  • .TNF
  • .URI

I was able to use them by calling the function with the On Select of a button setting a variable

Set(varNFCtag, ReadNFC().)

What I really wish I could get is the tag ID, preferably in hex.

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Too bad it is only usable on mobile!