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Enable triggers on Azure SQL and ability to query functions

In excel, you can choose sql as a source, and select any view or function and give parameters to it as fields. 

For Powerapps, it would be great if we could have triggers on tables and also the ability to query a function or stored proceudre WITHOUT having to rely on flows.


I know some of this is planned, but is there any ETA on it?

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I'm sure this has already been suggested (I'm looking for it now; a link to another idea to vote on would be helpful), but additionally, it would be nice to be able to return the results of a select query in a stored procedure directly to PA. Right now I use stored procedures for complex search and filter queries, and I have to store the results in a table and read from that. This causes a delay and sometimes PA fails to update properly; it's also just not very clean. Ability to read from temp tables might be helpful as well.

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I strongly agree with this. I had developed a very comprehensive SQL / / c# webapp and am using PowerApps as the mobile front-end. I was extremely disappointed that SubmitForm() cannot write to a SQL table with triggers.  As a workaround, I had to create mirrored tables in SQL,  added 'RecordModifiedOn' datefields, and then write a Stored Proc to poll the mirrored tables every 30 seconds looking for any update from the mobile app.   Lots of unneccessary work!