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Enable use of triggers in Azure SQL Tables

At this moment it seems not possible to have triggers on tables in PowerApps.


Because of this, relatively basic apps with some logic in table triggers can not be created.


Status: Planned
Regular Visitor

As posted by pretty much everyone else in this comment section, how is this not a feature that is already implemented? I understand there are plenty of moving parts under the hood but to leave this as "Planned" for years is simply unacceptable. If this is going to be implemented please update us. If it isn't let us know so we can find a long term workaround to this problem. Simply telling us to "Not use triggers" isn't a solution. These triggers are required for auditing so deleting them is not really an option.

Helper IV

I would like to echo this. Seems like a pretty essential function. 

Advocate IV

OMG facepalm! Years later after finally "PLANNED" it's still not in place? This is a showstopper for many apps, esp where the DB used for other (ie real - ERP, CRM, HR etc) purposes. I appreciate you want us to use Power Automate to fire a Stored Proc (woohoo!) but it's messy, not always feasible and likely more grind than a trigger.


Please sort this out, it shouldn't be difficult considering you develop both Power Apps and SQL Server! I expect the key issue is controlling the timeouts in case triggers grind, and keeping Power App moving - but that isn't insurmountable, just return an error on timeout!

New Member

This is a bug, not a feature; please call it what it actually is.


The inability to fire a trigger when writing to SQL table used in a PowerApp relegates the product to Tinker Toy status.


My discovery started with great promise and excitement and has since bottomed out.


PowerApps has so much’s a shame that it’s being held back.

Advocate II

Please fix it!

We need to rework databases because of it.

Regular Visitor

This is definitely a bug or at least a big design flaw. Triggers are a basic database functionality which software developers are using for decades with great success. Before PowerApps, I've not even considered that it was possible to built a client which is somehow not compatible with them, since they are almost completely transparent.


To avoid using triggers, I need to implement some strange, unreliable software constructs.


Please fix it.

Advocate II

Hi, It´s on status Planned since 2017!


SQL Server is the main Microsoft data source, it doesn´t make any sense to not be fixed yet.

MS please, prioritize it!

Advocate II

Power Apps Team, Please give us an update on that!


It´s on status Planned since 2017!

New Member

5 years later, still only planned.  come on guys


All I want to do is create a Create, update, delete, log table, which is pretty important.  cannot be done as it is...

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5 years for a basic function might seem excessive although just wait till you find the oh so many bugs support try to sell you as features.