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Enable use of triggers in Azure SQL Tables

At this moment it seems not possible to have triggers on tables in PowerApps.


Because of this, relatively basic apps with some logic in table triggers can not be created.


Status: Planned
Level: Powered On

Any more news on this??

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This deserves another bump... Heart

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Hi there,


I am also facing this issue, as I try to call a stored procedure from a trigger, anytime my powerapp updates the table where the trigger is stored.


It is ridiculous IMO that Microsoft has marked this "feature" as PLANNED and +2,5 years later there is no update about it.

Been working with PowerApps for a few months and very excited about it, but this is disappointing.


Can someone PLEASE just give us some information about this bug?

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Support for SQL triggers is essential. 


Microsoft please provide an update on the resolution of this issue

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To echo many of the above comments, we are excited about PowerApps but are cautious/skeptical since triggers is such a basic feature of SQL Server. This bug was discovered in 2016 and we are now in 2020. Is this status quo for bug resolution with PowerApps? Any updates???

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Is there any update on this issue?

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Gotta bump this! Having to use a SQL Stored procedure to get around this is really not a good solution. MS, please consider fixing this issue for us.