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Enable use of triggers in Azure SQL Tables

At this moment it seems not possible to have triggers on tables in PowerApps.


Because of this, relatively basic apps with some logic in table triggers can not be created.


Status: Planned
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I'm guessing that this is because of the error here,


I ran into this with an on-premise SQL environment using the gateway.

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Same issue here. I have an on-premises gateway and SQL server, so I was able to run SQL Profiler and see the UPDATE statement that PowerApps generates -- it does have an OUTPUT clause without INTO clause.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
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Essential piece of functionality with a tool like PowerApps to be able to use triggers on the target data source. Surprised this is being treated like a feature rather than a Bug.


Any clues on timeline for this. It's a bit of a showstopper for us as we really don't want to be introducing messy workarounds to this.

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Any clues on a timeline yet? Crucial for our adoption rate for powerapps versus native stuff.

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Same here, this is a showstopper for us at the moment

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If this is output clause related then i am having a similar issue with calculated columns.

updating a table returns the error about output inserted.[calculated column]


commenting to be kept aware of when/how this is resolved.

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Any UPDATE on this?

We have triggers for audit-log purposes so this is a show-stopper

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Any timeline for this?

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We were excited when initially looking at PowerApps, then ran into the trigger issue on a simple app.  That stopped us cold.  Hopefully it gets resolved.