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Enable use of triggers in Azure SQL Tables

At this moment it seems not possible to have triggers on tables in PowerApps.


Because of this, relatively basic apps with some logic in table triggers can not be created.


Status: Planned
Advocate I

I just wanted to echo the desire for this feature for On-Premise SQL, in our case. Any timeline? It looks like this has been planned since March, this year.

Regular Visitor

Any update on this? This is a must feature!

Regular Visitor

Completely agree.  I we are going to harness the potential behind PowerApps, this needs to be fixed.  MS when are you going to respond?  This issue is 18 months old.

Not applicable

Have there been any updates on this yet? I've been following this issue for almost a year now and it still appears we are in the same place. Great that it's been recognized as a planned feature release, but is there any idea of a timeline?



Frequent Visitor

please post eta on this. powerapps shouldnt ever have been released without this basic support for patching to table with triggers. 

Frequent Visitor

The only way to fix the problem is, to build the trigger as a stored procedure and trig it with flows in powerapps. 

Advocate II

not an acceptable fix for people with existing databases.


Community Champion

Hi @SameerCh, do you have any insight as to when this issue may or may not be resolved?

Many thanks.

Advocate V

This is an important feature.  Microsoft could really benefit from making SQL Server a 1st class citizen in PowerApps.  We are trying to use SQL Azure but lack of stored procudures, O365 auth and triggers all are very limiting.

Helper IV

Any idea when this problem will be fixed? I am experiencing the same problem submitting changes to onprem SQL server. If someone has a work around, i'd like to try it.