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Enhance Collections

There are two things that I'd like to see enhanced around Collections. Please consider them.

1. Need the ability to see WHERE in the app Collections are being instantiated.

  • Rationale: When a schema change is made to a Collection (column added, etc.), it must be made to all instances of the Collection. It is very challenging to track down every instantiation. 
  • Need: The same options as View/Variables. The ability to click a Collection and see its Definitions.

2. Need the ability to see the full column names of Collections in View/Collections!

  • If you have column names that begin with the same 4-5 values (userName, userNumber, userxyz), you can't differentiate them because the columns DON"T EXPAND in View/Collections.
  • I have to right click, Inspect, and look at the Chrome Dev Tools to determine the column name!

Thank you

Status: New
Community Champion

Still can't see where collections are created/instantiated.

As my colleague says:

"I'm on a mission to find that rogue colTest"

Kudo Collector

The Collection Preview is currently compromised by the limited column name display. It's made more frustrating by the apparent ability to change the column width when hovering over the column header.